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Agnes Tiollier


Agnes Tiollier was born in Lyon in 1958 and followed an education in the private school of Applied Art Torrijos with a specialization in interior design between 76 and 79. She discovered two passions: oil painting and silk painting, professional activities that she will exercise afterwards.

In a study internship at Bianchini-FĂ©rier, she was introduced to the world of textile design.
In 1980, she moved to Grenoble and continues to work as an autodidact  with oil painting.
In 2001, she joined the Grenoble workshop led by former Professor of Fine Arts and recognized painter Claude Blanc-Brude, and do live model.
In 2005, back in Lyon, her hometown, while continuing her creative work as a painter, she starts using pastels and participates in various events related to the technique.

In 2014, opening of her workshop "Couleur d’ArTiste" in Lyon.

Self-taught in improving her techniques, she has participated in various exhibitions.